Embracing and nurturing both new relationships and those that began decades ago is the cornerstone of our success. We remain committed to a limited group of clients so that we can continue to give each our very best. Adding new clients and assets to our portfolio takes place only when we sense the fit is right and feel we can make a valuable long-term impact.

Private and institutional owners, developers, brokers, tenants, city planners, architects, contractors, and vendors comprise the industry professionals we work with everyday. The long-standing rapport and mutual respect we have established with each fosters success for all.


Providing unmatched value for our clients.

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We must get ready for tomorrow today.

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Managing your portfolio is crucial.

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If any “T” was not crossed or “I” dotted, Mr. Zennie found it quicker than spell-check. This man does not miss a beat. He takes care of his clients as if the property was his own, and takes his job seriously.

Steven Riznyk, CEO, San DiegoBizLaw

Our mutual clients have, without exception, had their property management goals met or exceeded by Don’s firm. He is energetic and responsive, and has a full service staff.

Jeffrey Laufenberg, Law Offices of McGarry & Laufenberg

For the past twenty-five years, I have worked with various real estate professionals when negotiating an agreement to buy, sell, or lease property; and I have never had the privilege of working with anyone of your caliber!

Parviz Banafshe, SherryKline/Pacific Coast Home Furnishings

DB Commercial presents itself as a very competent and well-managed organization….We appreciate working with professionals who stay on top of things, are pro-active and communicate well.

Lyle C. Lodwick, Pacific Crest Bank